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MLGWUI Urges Government to Enforce Ban on Labor Migration to Gulf Regions, Demands Release of Victimized Migrant Workers


The Migrant Labour General Workers' Union International (MLGWUI) is calling on the government of Ghana to take immediate action to enforce the ban on labour migration to Gulf Regions and other countries. The union is also demanding the release of four Ghanaian female domestic migrant workers who have been victimized, kidnapped, and held captive in Kurdistan-Iraq.

 According to the MLGWUI, the workers were recruited by local agents in Ghana and sent to Kurdistan-Iraq without proper documentation or employment contracts. They have been subjected to exploitation, abuse, and modern slavery, with no access to communication or medical treatment.

 The MLGWUI has taken legal action on behalf of the workers and is urging the government to arrest the local agents responsible for the trafficking and exploitation. The union is also calling for the government to include ethical clauses in the national Labour Migration Policy and Constitution to protect migrant workers from exploitation.

 "The government of Ghana must take responsibility for the welfare of its citizens abroad," said Justice Baako Ntarmah, Head of Education International Relations of the MLGWUI. "We will not stand by and watch our citizens be exploited and abused. We demand their immediate release and safe return to Ghana.

The MLGWUI is urging journalists, authorities, and potential migrant workers to be aware of the situation and to avoid dealing with unethical employment recruitment agents. Contact numbers of such agents are available upon request.

 "We should know that not only domestic workers are maltreated but teachers and other professionals go through some degree of humiliations. We appreciate the support of our overseas organisations, lawyers, and the Ghana Consular of Ghana Mission/Embassy in Kuwait in this matter," said Ntarmah. "We will continue to fight for the rights and dignity of migrant workers globally

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