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The leader and chair of the Convention People’s Party [CPP] Nana Frimpomaa Sarpong Kumankuma has lamented on the 58% of unemployment and redundancy among the teeming youth of this country and is therefore calling on the government to assent to the MY10K project aimed at attaining Economic Independence in the long term.

This she said when the Party visited the chief, sub-chiefs of the Madina Constituency in the Greater Accra Region supplied hand sanitizers and donated cash for purchasing Personal Protective Equipment to help fight COVID-19.

“We are 64 years as a country but all that we do is provide jobs for other nationals, we basically import most of the items we consume which are contrary to the vision of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.”

“He and the CPP then acknowledged the abilities of the people of the country and established factories and many social interventions to improve the livelihood of the people of this country”.

Citing the Ghana National Reconstruction Corp and Young Farmers, Nana Frimpomaa Sarpong revealed the need to empower the young people of this country by offering flexible relief policies either than the existing Youth Employment Agency [YEA] and Youth Exchange and Study and Youth Enterprise Support [YES] which cannot speak of any relevant achievements to back its setup ever since.

Nana Frimpomaa also outlined how the MY10K project, which seeks to raise an amount of $2 billion, which when invested in one million youths in this country will propel the nation towards achieving greatness

Adding that, $2 billion investment in young entrepreneurs of the nation will change years the economic and productive state of the country in the next few years ahead   

She related that, offering ₵10, 000 each to these one million young entrepreneurs will support in achieving Ghana beyond aid agenda set by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo in his previous State of the Nation Addresses.

“The CPP is calling on the Government, Corporate Social Bodies, and other relevant stakeholders to help raise $2 billion to support the MY10K Project, which will help to build profitable and sustainable enterprises managed by our youths just as other developed nations are doing”.

Out National Debt is over ₵296 billion which was incurred by infrastructure development agenda but we should also be mindful of human enlightenment, empowerment, and establishment she added.

“With over ₵297 billion as debt now juxtaposed to the current population, clearly depicts that each Ghanaian owes ₵10,000”

The Overlord of Madina, Shariki Alhaji Baba Seidu in a statement urged the people of the youth to take advantage of social intervention policies rather than the fraudulent activities the ruin societies and endanger their precious lives.

He further urged the CPP to fight and come to power to implement the development envisaged by the first President and founder of the party.

Adding that, all efforts to fight poverty and corruption have all been deceits since hardship continues to exist and the majority are victims of the situation. 

The Police commander of Madina also assured the public of their readiness to combat crime and urged the people of Madina to adhere to the COVID 19 protocols set by the Government.

He directed a caution to the various transport stations that are not observing the conventional protocols, to be ready for close down and sanctions according to the Legislative Instrument passed by Parliament.

He encouraged all police officers to embroil themselves in the COVID-19 vaccination day set March 20 be a yardstick for other doubting Thomases

The CPP donated Personal Protective Equipment and an undisclosed amount of money to the chiefs and the Madina Police Division to use to in purchasing other relevant items to help fight COVID 19 among the inmates. 

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