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The Ghana Police recent sweep of suspected criminals at Kasoa, a suburb of the Central Region though, very necessary but will not end the rising crime rate in that sector of the country Dr. Jones Opoku Ware a criminologist and crime researcher has declared.

This he said during a live interview with NEAT FM Ghana “Montie” talk show.

The relationship between crime and communities has long been a focal point of criminological and sociological investigation.

“Therefore, As far as the variables operating in Kasoa, which are creating the increasing crime, still, exist in that community, not all deployed strategies to combat crime will yield positive results” Dr. Jones added

“The high crime rate of Kasoa can be associated with residential instability, high population density since it has become home for foreign nationals”.

We need reliable data of inhabitants both indigenes and foreigners of Kasoa will urge the Government to close down the Budumburam Camp if it has served its purpose.

Research depicts that, it has now turn to be a habitat of migrants which we have little information of their background. The state must consider integrating those in the camp into the Kasoa community for proper surveillance of both security and neighborhood vigilantes

Dr. Jones also stated, “if we have certain groups of foreign nationals residing in a particular place they form a localized social support system, which they use to hide criminal activities that tend to be a threat to the security of the country and the community”

The age profile data produced by the Ghana Police Service thus between 19 and 39 years indicates that, active population of the people instead of having legal sustainable jobs have engaged in criminal activities which means more jobs have to be incorporated to curtail such menaces

The laptops and mobile phones, which according to the Police retrieved are items that, until they are traced by their registration can be classified as items they “the suspected criminals” own.

“Also after proper interrogation of these suspected criminals, it will surprise the state that, only 20 percent will be linked to known crimes,” he concluded


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