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CPP Concerned Comrades Demand Constitutional Correction: Independent Committee Formation Sparks Controversy

In a bold move, the CPP Concerned Comrades have called out the party's Founding Members for allegedly breaching the constitution by setting up an Independent Committee without proper authorization. The comrades argue that this decision undermines the party's democratic processes and demands immediate rectification.

According to the group, on May 15, 2024, correspondence from the Founding Members announced the establishment of an Independent Committee, chaired by Wing Commander (retired) Patrick Nelson Sogbojor.

The announcement, signed by His Royal Highness Professor Naa Edmund Delle Chiir VIII, cited the need for the committee to undertake key responsibilities to resolve internal crises.

However, the CPP's Concerned Comrades claim this action bypasses the Central Committee's constitutional mandate. Article 13(d) of the CPP Constitution enjoins members to uphold the party's constitution, a duty they feel was neglected in this instance.

The Concerned Comrades assert that the founding Members' e formation of the Independent Committee contravenes the CPP Constitution. They argue that such a committee should be established by the Central Committee, as stipulated in the party's governing documents

The correspondence indicates that the decision to form the Independent Committee was made during a series of meetings from May 16-18, involving the Founding Members, Council of Elders, and Central Committee.

Despite this, the Concerned Comrades emphasize that no formal Central Committee meeting occurred to officially adopt this decision.

The Independent Committee was tasked with assessing the party's state, reorganizing and mobilizing resources, and withdrawing court cases. Additionally, they added that it was to oversee the setup of various subcommittees for vetting, congress, elections, and fundraising, and organize a National Delegates Congress to elect a flagbearer for the upcoming elections.

The Concerned Comrades demand the immediate dissolution of the Independent Committee, proposing an emergency Central Committee meeting to address the issue. They urge the National Chairperson, Council of Elders, and Founders to ensure the party's reorganization follows constitutional protocols.

With passion and conviction, the CPP Concerned Comrades emphasized their commitment to upholding the party's constitution and legacy, declaring, "Kwame Nkrumah Never Dies! Long Live the CPP! Long Live Ghana!"




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