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Student leadership on University campuses used to shape policies and ideologies of governments and management affecting the country and students some eras pass but now are filled with people who only value the ranks and titles making them toothless bulldogs.

Speaking at a Leadership and Entrepreneurship summit dubbed Leadership and Advocacy: The Role of Students Towards Nation Building held at the Public Health Auditorium of the University of Ghana    

Hon. Eric Edem Agbana said, that student movements in the former days brought Ghana Education Trust Fund but now are only a courtesy paying institution and so cannot impact as they are to function.

“I do not agree on student leaders paying courtesy calls on politicians and ministers but rather shape the narratives of the politics in the country. This practice undermines the autonomous and the ability to say otherwise when decisions’ affecting them are taken “

Citing the poor reforms of the educational sector by the National Patriotic Party government, the former SRC president criticized the student leaders endorsing the educational minister and presenting citations that, they should protest against the high fees for students to pay and the accommodations challenge facing the students on campuses to the Free SHS enrollment and the poor curriculum activities

Student leaders are powerful and must ensure most advocacies are recognized after they have left office. Citing Dr. Omane Boahma for GET fund institution. He said

“At various university councils, Graduate Student Association of Ghana and Student Representative Council have numbers to help shape policies but partisanship and fear of rejection cause many to adhere when they should protest”.

Speaking on the toll boot system and its initiation on the Legon campus, the Ketu North MP said “My actions and protest people question my integrity and loyalty to the NDC at that time since I rejected the decision and the form of debt recovery strategy at that time.

One needs to sacrifice to serve he said and described how he became a 2nd class student after assuming the office of SRC president.

Reduce partisan politics as a student leader he added;

I worked late Emmanuel Kyeremateng Agyarko even though we were on opposite sides.

Graduate students are having a lot of challenges but due to political afflation and ally, student leaders cannot speak to real issues affecting the very people they are leading.   

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