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Appointing MMDCEs Now Means, Gov’t Has Wasted a Year Development


The Government has wasted one year of development agenda that will affect their performance and Economic growth of this Country and the national agenda to decentralize the government system. Chairperson of National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has disclosed.

In an interview with Accra based Neat FM morning show, the chairperson of the leading opposition party said,

“Nomination is the first step which will now allow assembly members to vote for the denial or acceptance of the nominated, this process also takes time which will add up to the already long awaited period.”

The Metropolitan Municipal and District Chief Executives(MMDCE) and the Regional Coordinating Council forms the Coordination, Realignment and Harmonization of Policies from the National level and since it is almost a year that one major arm is not formed, this means there has not been any form of development in any region, municipal and district levels.

“There cannot be any development in the various assemblies since the acting Municipal Officers have little authorities in policy formulation and execution and contractors will lose huge monies because they can only receive payments unless the Common Fund is released” he added

Adding that, this affects the agenda to decentralize the government machinery to bring sustainable development to the District level that will then transform the entire nation.

“Since the role, Local Government Minister is vital to every government, they are appointed earlier to harness the development plan of that Government and one important aim is to ensure the MMDCEs are nominated and elected into office”.

The formal Regional Minister further said, “I know, not all the nominated will be accepted which means another election must be held after ten (10) days. That Region will suffer underdevelopment at the end of the President’s tenure since less development takes place in election year because of election preparations”.

Mr Ofosu Ampofo lamented that, “The NPP Government have failed to stabilize the Ghana currency against the international currencies and Economic Indicator figures do not depict the real situations and sufferings of many Ghanaians”.

During our “thank you tour” of the country, we were exposed to the hardship of many Ghanaians and businesses, which is contrary to the fallacies of single digit inflation and the 3.2% growth by the international organizations.

“Ghanaians are spending much on foodstuffs under this government”

“Ghanaians are paying more for the same quantity of fuel under this government”

“Farmers are complaining of fertilizers and school pupils are little to eat on school campus”

“High rate of unemployment among the teeming youth”

“The NPP have been in power for five years, so it is surprising they are still blaming the past government for messing up the economy before they took over”

We do not eat paper figures the chairperson of the National Democratic Congress NDC, concluded.




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