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His Eminence Francis Albert Seth Nyonyo

The Green Ghana Project is for the prospect of this country in rapports of agriculture yield and life sustenance, His Eminence Francis Albert Seth Nyonyo has disclosed.

This he said during the inauguration of the Green Ghana Agenda at the John Mensah Sarbah Hall of the University of Ghana. 

Together, the John Mensah Sarbah Hall Alumni President with other dignitaries planted various ornamental trees to set as a specimen in changing the landscape of the country in few years to come.

His Eminence Francis Albert Seth Nyonyo disclosed relevant data backing the need to support the government's agenda on tree planting adding that “The climatic changes in rainfall pattern is due to human activities such as the indiscriminating cutting of trees and not replacing them afterward”.

The Member of Council Elders further said, “It is the appropriate time for the launch of the program, and every Ghanaian must participate to save lives and our agriculture produce”

“Rainfall is what we depend on when planting and if there is low rainfall as we saw this year, there will be low production of foods from our farmers which will not only affect us as a people in terms of food availability but will depreciate our foreign exchange in the international market”.

“Trees offer shade and produce oxygen, which is necessary for human and animal life so I urge all Ghanaians to support the agenda of the President, HE Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo by planting more trees to help sustain the country in terms of climatic changes”, he added

Citing other advanced countries where there is enough rainfall and in good climatic condition, The Mensah Sarbah Hall Alumni President emphasized the need to have a policy that will ensure the continuation of the Green Ghana Agenda by authorities of various institutions and agencies.

“This call by the president of the republic must be an agenda for every leader in every institution and agency regardless of cultural, political and regions beliefs”, he said

Dr. Innocent Lawson

Dr. Innocent Lawson hall master assured His eminence, the hall’s role to keep the planted trees in good shape to the spectacle as a shred of evidence to the necessity of trees in our lives as Ghanaians and humanity.

Dr. Lawson addressing the students urged them to be ambassadors for the Green Ghana Project since they are the coming generation to inherit the nation for the unborn generations.    

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