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With Governments Support, MLGWUI Can Assist Returnees and Migrants in Ghana and The Gambia


 Mr. Justice Baako Ntarmah,  Mr. Kwang-Yung Jung,  Madam Susanne Giese

The General Secretary and Head of Education International Relations of the Migrant Labor General Workers’ Union International (MLGWUI) Mr. Justice Baako Ntarmah have disclosed that with Government Policy of intervention and support, many returnees and migrants can have a positive impact on the economy and curb irregular migration ills in Ghana and the Gambia.

This he said during the Cooperation Agreement of Memorandum of Understanding MoU Signing Ceremony between German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation (DSIK) and MLGWUI on the training project “Economic Inclusion of Returnees and Potential Migrants in Ghana and the Gambia.”

According to Mr. Baako Ntarmah, with training and coaching with financial support, African migrants (returnees) and potential migrants in Ghana and the Gambia can contribute to national development with their skills and exposure during their traveling.

“We returnees and migrants sometimes have a lot to offer but due to various challenges in employment relations including workplace discrimination, racism, gender bias, underpaid wages, and salaries, Kafala System of employment especially in gulf states we tend to offer less of our potentials which leads to some of us going wayward.”

“We at MGLWUI believe strongly that the National Policy framework can help eliminate or reduce substantially these challenges we are facing in Ghana and the Gambia. MLGWUI intends to collaborate with international organizations in labor migration and employment space as well as government agencies including Labor Department to ensure the issuance of a labor Registration Certificate popularly known as a Labor Card which will become an important document for Employment Applicants to be used in Ghana, Africa, and Diaspora or added to Migrant Workers’ Curriculum Vitae.” 

With many interventions and financial support from the German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation DSIK since the inception of training, many returnees and immigrants have benefited and there are good stories to make reference to, he added.

“The German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation DSIK supported us with Coaches and Expertise financially and we were able to engage 50 returnees from Saudi, Qatar, Libya Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and others who attempted but could not reach their destination. These participants went through a series of economic and social training to equip them to start and operate their own businesses as well as employing fellow migrants”

Mr., Justice Baako Ntarmah made a passionate appeal for the support of the Union getting an office to make its operations effective and reliable.

“The Secretariat (offices) of MLGWUI as migrants labor or trade union receives complaints daily from Refugees and Immigrants about their exclusion from such sustainable and supportive Business Training and Coaching Training projects, which the DSIK is providing for general Migrants and therefore calls for office space to help potential locate them easily to have access to relevant information and resources and counseling.” 

Participants, Officials of DSIK and MLGWUI in a group picture

The Project Coordinator Migration of German DSIK Madam Susanne Giese urged the youths and participants to seek financial literacy to spend luxuriously.

“The problem with most business starters is investing in liabilities with the profits they make and this what makes most businesses collapse at early stages”

Madam Susanne also encouraged the participants to invest in smaller institutions such as Credit Unions since their policy rates are inexpensive as other financial institutions.

A participant shared their experiences and expectations and assured the Benefactors of the proper use of both skills and financial support acquired.


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