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Withholding Kwesi Botchway Report will Affect Us 2020: Dr. Spio Garbrah
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Dr. Spio Garbrah has said stressed the need to make available the Kwesi Botchway Report to the Council of Elders and National Officers to harness decision making as the party is preparing for the 2020 general elections.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag-bearer aspirant in an interview with the media said “We need to know what the discoveries were and that, the one-time presentation held was not enough to prepare for the upcoming election”.

“Hiding the report in the name of it being used against us by our main opponent is not enough way of proceeding besides, they are issues of old upon which the party NDC can be re-branded” he added.

I am not saying the whole 44 paged documents should be released to Party Executives but some portions can be released stating the 11 pages of the report findings from the Volta Region.
There is the need for stakeholders to know the major findings in the Kwesi Botchway Report so we can learn from our mistakes.

Speaking on the ongoing free Senior High School policy, Dr. Garbrah acknowledged the Government for implementing a constitutional demand for progressive free education but said “the mode of implementation, enrollment and timing is what has let tainted the policy”

He urged the party to relinquish certain slogans that does not depict current conditions of the Party and Ghanaians at large.  

Mentioning “3y3 zuu, 3y3 zaa” and “eijor-bor-dor” as archaic and irrelevant to current happenings.

Dr. Spio Garbrah outlining his measures and strategies of rebranding the party for the coming election if elected, emphasized the need to empower the youth wing of the party in entrepreneurship to make them financially all-encompassing

The establishment of a welfare account to cater for accidents on party duty calls and old age members, He concluded.

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