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I am happy that the former president and candidate of the National Democratic Party has opted to go to court after several demonstrations and riots organized by party members. President Nana Addo Dankwa

This he said in his last State of the Nation Address.

“It’s a good decision to choose the legal path instead of the pockets of violence which some party members held after the declaration of the results by the Electoral Commission”.

We have to respect the decision of GHANAIANS since now there is little margin between the majority and minority in parliament.

All that we have to do in this eighth PARIALIEMT of the fourth republic is to serve the Ghana course of development. The President said.

My term of governance has been a tough one. We inherited a state, which was on IMF bailout policies, a very poor performing economy, and very low investor confidence.

However, I can say that after four years, we no longer import certain food crops from neighboring countries and I am proud of the title “Naa Abudani” earned after peace restored in Dagbon over many years of conflict.

Adding that, violence is not the key to solving differences and difficulties in life.

Speaking on galamsey, the President Nana Addo Dankwa emphasized the need to take a firm decision on stopping it since its activities affects the Ghana Water Cooperation distillation processes of safe drinking water.

I knew some of the government policies will not be universally approved and accepted but we need to take away partisanship away from the galamsey phenomenon

As a country, we are recognized to play host to a Pan African Institution, the secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area, ACFTA. Which is a good reputation to be proud of as a Ghanaian.

We are on track to achieving the desired development where all Ghanaians will enjoy the national cake and my next four years agenda and policies are set to the task. 

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