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MR. Ras Mubarak 

MR. Ras Mubarak former Member of Parliament for Kumbungu Constituency has said, there was no need for soldiers to interfere with parliamentary proceedings as it happened in our Parliament recently during the election of Speaker of Parliament.

He said this on NEATFM an Accra based Media stating that the parliament is a civilian sector and an effective arm of government and if there is any security intervention, it should be the police and not the military.

There is a police division at the Parliament house why where they not called but rather the military he lamented.          By the constitution, the soldiers are to protect boundaries thus land and sea of this nation and what they did can be related to Coup D’état  

The former Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority added that It was unfortunate and this calls for parliamentary contempt proceedings and the martial court to investigate who ordered their actions since military moves by orders from Top Officers.

“Even in the era of military rulership, the military never entered the parliament house”

Moreover, it was an act of indiscipline and abuse of powers and must not be encouraged in this democratic dispensation.

Speaking on Carlos Ahinkra and Muntaka actions, he said, “people’s representative has brought great shame to the house and international relations as well”.

“What Mrs. Ursla Owusu is best described as an act of sexual harassment and must duly be probed by parliament to avoid future occurrences or is there any charm she is hiding there?”.

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