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We Need Technology for Fast Health Service Delivery: Director of Health

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The Director of Health Dr. Nsiah Asare has disclosed that, the drone service introduced in the health delivery services, will eliminate major fiscal challenges hindering the health sector.

Dr. Asare in an interview with the media in Accra said, the drones will serve 500 health centers across the country offering speed delivery of both blood and medicines.

According to the health director, delay in accessing blood and medications is a major cause for lives lost in many health care centers in rural and urban areas in the country.

“Due to bad roads and traffic jams in rural and urban areas respectively, the drones which travel by air can be used to curtail these challenges to saving precious lives”

Dr. Asare emphasized the need to accept technological approach in solving a pending problem facing quality health care delivery in the country adding that, the drone which travels by air, will be faster than using road means.

Citing Rwanda as a country that initiated this practice in Africa, he said, Rwanda by drones’ supply blood to health center in deprived areas of their country and it has yielded positive results.
“We intend adding other medications and not blood only” he added.

 He said there will be 4 distribution centers with about 30 drones assigned to each center and this, will help employ the teeming unemployed youths in the country while providing exceptional health services.

Speaking on the monetary expenses by the Government, the Dr. Asare disclosed that, the Government will not sponsor or neither fund the project.

“the Government will pay the service providers thus USA-based Zipline International Inc. per every delivery made either daily or monthly as agreed during procurement and documentations”

Dr. Nsiah highlighted on how the government is strategically incorporating the Telecom Providers to support this project as a Corporate Social Responsibility as they serve Ghanaians.    

Meanwhile, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority has pledged to create air corridors for the drones to avoid crash with airplanes. 

jojoemakorlly@gmail.com // www.12onlinenews.com

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