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We Have Not Called Off Sit down Strike: Ghana Tankers Association.,,

Chairman of the Ghana Tankers Union George Nyawonu has brushoff reports that, they have called off the sit-down strike which started 24th September.

Mr. George stressed that, “they as a Union will not agree to verbal assurance but the assurance should be documented for future referencing”.

“if the leaders of Tanker Owners want us to work, they must implement all the loading and offloading procedures proposed by the National Petroleum Authority NPA”.

Mr. George said there are some service of conditions that, the tanker owners have ignored. Stating medical covers, provision of protective equipment and basic salaries as some of their major grievances that has to be met.

He said, the call off was not from them as a Union but from the secretary of the Trade Union Congress TUC after a meeting with the leaders of the Tanker Owner.

“But we will not accept verbal promises but want the NPA to urge Tankers Owners to implement the 2017 conditions of service agreement we signed”

According to him, a tanker driver threw stones at the police that resulted in the clash leading to the arrest of 5 tanker drivers and 3 injured out of rubber bullets.

“the 5 people arrested have been granted bail and have to report to the police station for further investigation and the 3 injured out of the rubber bullet have received treatment and discharged” Mr. George added.

The Chairman of the Union said they do not agree with the boycotting decision suggested that, fuel stations that do not comply with the proposed offload procedures since “the NPA Acts does not allow for diversion of fuel products to recommended fuel stations”

“4000 tanker drivers are in derision and all you can is to verbally promise us, we will not agree and will not call of the strike until the assurance is put on paper” he concluded.,       

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