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Learn From Me: Martin A.K..B Amidu

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Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu
Special Prosecutor Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu has urged Ghanaians to join the fight against corruption as an obligation to report suspicious banking transactions in their accounts if they are not to be an unsuspecting party to corruption.
Mr Amidu in an article said he has had to report transfers into his account on two occasions in 2015 and in 2018.
The latest incident came on August 3, 2018 when he noticed there have been an increase of amount in his current account at an undisclosed bank
The anti-corruption campaigner on countless occasions, instructed his bank manager not to allow any transfers into his account without seeking authorization from him when a similar incident happened in 2015. 
in his article, Mr Amidu disclosed  there had to be legal process which engaged the bank and the transferor,
"In consequence of my letter and the Bank’s reaction thereto, officers of both the Bank and the transferring agency looked me up to clarify the matter and the agency provided me with the re-computation pursuant to the order of the Court to enable me to verify the details. The agreed amount will now, hopefully, be paid to me in due course".
He explained he had faced similar problems in 2015 when he found out he had received a double salary and took steps to return it.
According to Mr Amidu, the case of some ministers under the Mahama government  who are under investigation for taking salaries both as Members of Parliament and also members of the Executive. he has to protect his dignity to avoid being a victim.
.As 'punishment' for the 2018 incident, Martin Amidu said he has asked the transferring agency to put the money into a different bank.
He said bank account holders have a personal responsibility to ensure they do not flout banking regulations.
The Special Prosecutor also urged banks to report suspicious and fraud activities in the sector to appropriate institution for further investigation to avoid loosing clients.

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