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Reactions of Argentina surviving & building-up

  1. He's OK though

    "I want to tell everyone that I am fine," his Instagram post read.
    "I was checked by a doctor and he recommended me to go home before the second half, but I wanted to stay because we were risking it all. How could I leave?"
  2. Post update

    Image caption: Diego Maradona has been at all of Argentina's 2018 World Cup games
    It may all have got a bit much for the former Argentina player and manager mind you.
    The 57-year-old shared this pic, which shows him receiving medical treatment, on his Instagram account.
  3. The sideshow

    There's no show without Diego Maradona when Argentina play though.
    Another bona fide legend for his country, his enthusiastic (to say the least) support and vocal criticism of coach Jorge Sampaoli has been a constant so far.
    Last night, he was in his element.
    Image caption: This photograph is great though isn't it?
  4. Captain, leader, legend

    Messi's leadership qualities as Argentina captain had also been doubted as he looked wracked by inner turmoil prior to last night.
    This picture from half-time suggests he rediscovered his zeal when it counted.
    Image caption: Messi delivers a pep-talk to his team-mates at half time
  5. Post update

    Who knew Rojo had this in him?
    Come on Manchester United fans, be honest, he has never come across as a poacher has he?
    Let alone one with that in his locker?
  6. Post update

    Speaking of special goals this wasn't bad either.

    Video content

    Video caption: Rojo volleys Argentina into the lead
  7. What happened

    Anyway, just in case you missed this yesterday. Argentina bounced back.
    Lionel Messi said, after his goal started a memorable win, he "could not remember such suffering before."
    Read all about their 2-1 victory over Nigeria, which ensured they progress into the group stages, here.
    Image caption: Boom - it happened. Messi's moment
  8. Post update

    Fellow Messi-fans will be feeling this too.
    I mean all the column inches, TV airspace and tweets about how he hadn't delivered etc (which he hadn't).
    Then he does.
    Well in Leo.
  9. G'day

    I'd normally waffle on saying hello - but instead I'll just start with this.

    Video content

    Video caption: World Cup 2018: Lionel Messi's goal for Argentina against Nigeria, from every angle

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