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Double Track System to End 2025: Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum

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The Deputy Minister of Education in charge of Basic and Secondary Education, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum has disclosed that, the double track system will be completely eliminated by the year 2025.

Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum said, this is due to the pace at which infrastructural projects in various Senior High Schools will be constructed.

He said the Gross Attendant Ratio in Tertiary education in Ghana currently, is 17 percent which is one of the highest in Africa but low when compared to the advanced countries. 
Dr, Adutwum emphasized the need for the Government to implement the double track system for equal accessibility of Free Senior High School (SHS) policy.

“we need as a country to support the double Tracking system to enable our children have access to Senior High School education without a significant number staying home because of infrastructure deficit”

He noted that, not every SHS will undergo the double tracking and that about 8800 trained teachers will be deployed to various Districts and Municipal Assemblies, where the schools have double intake of qualified students.

Accordingly, research has shown that, an estimated excess of 300 students enrolled in this SHS has resulted in the double intake and that can be eliminated by constructing unit classroom blocks for all the affected schools.

The double track system if due diligence is taken, will help the country in achieving the educational goal under the Sustainable Development Goals rather than having all infrastructure and social amenities before implementing the Free SHS Policy, he added.

Speaking on the newly employed teachers, Dr Adutwum said the teachers applied on-line and are undergoing screening.
 “They will after verification be ready to be deployed to the various schools affected by the double intake per the number the school requested for”.

The infrastructure projects in these affected schools will be under the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND) thus the reason for eliminating double track system within 7 years, Dr Adutwum concluded.

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