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Education is Key to development

Youths in Kweikuma urged to focus on education as a tool for development in the society and also utilizing all government intervention policies. The upcoming musician Zack popularly called Dj More said this in an exclusive interview with 12-OnlineNEWSletter, lamenting on how education has brought development to other communities with Kweikuma still lacking behind.

According to the rap star, the community has a kindergarten, basic and Junior High School but there is low patronage from the children in the community adding that, children from other places such as Adiembra and Fijai rather dominated the pupil population.

Dj More, pleaded with parents to not force their wards to school but rather explain to them the benefits of basic education and the impact on the child’s life and the society as a whole. He said, his current single Y3b3y3 featuring M.C is an inspirational song to motivate the youths not give up but believe in themselves and the talent GOD has given them.

He acknowledged the efforts of authorities in curbing teenage pregnancies and drug abuse that was hindering the development of the community. To funs, Dj Mor promised to give his best and also expect more from his camp this year and the coming ones.  

Speaking on how to nurture talents, the manager Mac Jojoe Kolly stressed the need for the youths not to focus only on the rap and singing but other departments in the music industry adding that “you may have the skill but it is not for everyone”.

Mac Jojoe Kolly advised youth passionate of the industry to looking into other works such as make ups, costume design, photography, writters and management which are key elements to a successful music production.

Mac Jojoe Kolly emphasized the need to have a road map from MUSIGHA on how to solicit funds for musicians and acts to prevent copyright which is killing the industry and its precious talents.  

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